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While the automotive industry is growing, bringing innovations and extending its model range rapidly, Teknosa started its operation to supply quality steering and suspension parts to South African market in 2008. Beginning with a simple plan to supply steering and suspension parts to the South African automotive industry, Teknosa has continued to grow due to high demand for our quality components and our ability to form strong relationships with our customers

The company`s biggest objective was to supply quality products at a competitive price with great efficiency. We live the happiness of achieving our goals.

To align our range and availability with rapidly growing vehicle park we are partnered with leading manufacturers worldwide with Turkey being main source of our products.

Our Mission

To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously
improving our product and service quality

Our Vision

As a South African Company together with our size, range, capacity, quality and service, we strive to become the number one supplier in our area of expertise in the world.
We will achieve our vision through our commitment to strategic growth, quality products, and continuous improvement. Teknosa`s corporate vision expresses the
collective aspirations of the people who work here. It unites us and directs our efforts.

Our Goal

We aim to constantly increase the value of our company by increasing profitability and decreasing costs. We want to participate in successfully shaping the future of our customers, business partners and employees with our products and services.

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